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1. The Next Rembrandt

By J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam (Netherlands)

2. Falter Inferno

By WILD (Austria)

3. Studio Marani

By Adoratorio (Italy)

4. adidas Climachill

By Resn (Netherlands)

5. The MoviePass Quest

By We Are Social (France)

6. Diadora: Bright Delivery

By SMFB (Norway)

7. Involve Digital

By Alexander Engzell (Sweden)

8. Xavier Bourdil

By Xavier Bourdil (France)

9. Quechua Lookbook Spring Summer 2016

By Akaru (France)

10. Cavalier: Conqueror of Excellence

By Your Majesty (U.S.A.)

11. Bundy Bundy

By WILD (Austria)

12. France

By Immersive Garden (France)

13. Rumchata

By Legwork (U.S.A.)

14. Dogstudio

By Dogstudio (Belgium)

15. A Bear’s-Eye View of Yellowstone

By Hello Monday (U.S.A.)

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